This workshop will focus on empty hand options against an edged weapon attacker. Highly recommended for law enforcement officers, security, and those that are serious about self defense. Cost? A $20 donation (there is a link below) that will be donated to my good friend Edward de Nobrega, an officer with the Toronto Police Service who is currently dealing with …

Pad Holding 101 Workshop

Starting March 4 we will have some extra classes to help our beginners with their pad holding skills.  Come improve your pad holding, and refine your basic techniques.  Every Sat at 12pm.

KOMBAT ARTS, Big Winners at the Brampton Cup 2017!

KOMBAT ARTS wins the coveted Brampton Cup!!!! Congrats to the athletes, the sparring partners, our new set of coaches in training, and of course our amazing coaches Sean and Soc! “Kombat Arts wins the coveted Brampton Cup for the most Team wins! All the athletes and staff worked hard and produced 13 wins with our Amateur Boxers. This is the …

Congrats to Adam Manauf

Adam had his first Muay Thai demo at Lanna Muay Thai and MMA.  He did very well, showing great coachability, landing some very hard kicks, and ending the demo in the second round, with a TKO due to leg kicks.  Great work Adam!  We look forward to you competing this year!

Congrats to our Adults Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team

Congrats to our Adults BJJ team for their stellar performance at the 2017 Ascension BJJ Tournament.  Even though our team is only 5 years old, since Professor Amir Yafawi took over our BJJ program, they have been doing very well on the competitive scene.  Again congrats to Professor Amir and the BJJ Team!

1 Billion

Recently, one of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu members, Gurshan G had organized a free women’s self-defense workshop at KOMBAT ARTS.  On hand to teach this workshop was Professor Amir Yafawi, Kru Sylwester Organka and Wafa Dikramanjian.  It was great to see various instructors, from different training backgrounds come together for a worthy cause.

Tomahawk Workshop

We were lucky to have Datu Tim Hartman, President of the World Modern Arnis Alliance and owner of Horizon Martial Arts at KOMBAT ARTS recently to conduct a workshop using the Tomahawk.  Some really cool stuff!  Reminded me of the movie, The Last of the Mohicans

Family Day Hours

Alice Soon

Family Day Hours Hey guys we will be only open for facility use today, between 9am and 1pm.  All classes will be cancelled.  We will be using this opportunity to do some light maintenance of our facility.  Enjoy your FAMILY DAY  

Congrats to our Little Gorillas!

Alice Soon

Congrats to our Little Gorillas! Congrats to our Kids BJJ athletes who participated in this years Ascension Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament.  Here is an overview: Quentin Bronze Dimitri 5th Urijah Silver Taeo 5th Noah Gold Jasmine Silver Sara Bronze Kai 5th Bakhtiyor Silver Ingrid Bronze Malcolm Silver Sebastian Silver Sharan Silver Win, lose or draw, we are always happy with …