3rd Day in LA

Ok, it is the beginning of the 4th day, but I got in real late and I was / am sore.  Yesterday was the actual photo shoot.  Salem Assli, 3 of his students, Marc, James and myself were at the photo shoot.  We took 700+ photos!  Making a book is a pretty intricate detailed process.  It is a lot of “hurry up and wait”.  Unfortunately the battery died and we had to close up the photo shoot. Professor still has 400+ piks to do!

Sly had a good time with Rob Kaman as he got to train with Rob on Venice Beach!  Imagine being outside on the beach hitting pads and doing some crossfighting!

Marc, James and myself went to the Inosanto Academy at night.  The 1st class I did was the MMA class, taught by Guro Dan Inosanto himself.  This was a really fun class as it involved elements from modern day MMA, the Filipino martial arts, JKD and silat.  Than after the class we sat down with Professor Salem and Guro Dan and watched as they discussed the history of the sai (that’s the pik you see).  That was fun to watch.

Than we did the JKD class and the Shooto class.  The JKD class was a great review for us, as was the Shooto class, but we also learned a couple new moves and conditioning exercises, that I can not wait to bring home for you guys :)Anyway, it is a beautiful sunny day and I am outside pecking at my labtop.  Class is starting in 1/2 and hour, so I’ll talk to you guys later-Jd