Balance in Life

Sometimes life is so busy, we forget to take the time for the simple things in our life.  Take this experiment conducted by the Washington Post for example.  The gist of it is that a very famous musician, who usually commands about $100.00 per seat, dresses in nondescript clothing and plays music at a very busy train station, relying on the charity of passer bys for money.  Take the time to read about the experiment to see the outcome.  The one thing I can take pride in my student is that they’re not cultists.  In other words martial art is not their life; it is a very important part of their life.  I can tell you about many great martial arts who are experts in their field; great in the ring, but outside they cannot hold a normal conversation with non martial artists.  The Kombat students are not only pursuing great technical skills in their martial art, or proving themselves in the ring or cage, they are also leaders in their outside lives, seeking a balance in all aspects of their life. Jd

PS: Let me share some sun with you with my piks from DR