Baton Tactics: Free September Security and Law Enforcement workshop

Kombat Arts members who work in the fields of Security and Law Enforcement are invited to another free Instinctive DT workshop on HELP (High Efficiency, Low Profile) Baton tactics next month.

Free SLEO Baton Tactics Workshop

Thursday, September 27
8 p.m.

Please show up in gym gear and be prepared to train.

The tactical baton system is a low profile, high impact, witness-friendly system that is adaptable for any straight baton, including expandable. This very practical system enables officers to discover the versatility of the baton.

The seminar will include:

  • Use of force as it relates to the baton
  • Baton Use in Low, Medium and High Level of Force Situations
  • Physio-Kinetics and Time-framing
  • Use of the Baton While Off-Balance and in Adverse Situations Including Multiple Assailants, Edged Weapon Defence, and Ground fighting
  • Proper Methods of Applying the Baton to Target Areas
  • Three Levels of Evaluation (Written, Practical and Judgment)

* * *

Are you a law enforcement officer or security professional working in Mississauga or the Greater Toronto Area? Learn more about enhancing your skills at Kombat Arts, Mississauga’s elite MMA and martial arts training academy.

Contact us today to learn more about our special Security and Law Enforcement membership plan. Our way of showing appreciation for the work that you do.

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