Beat the Crap Out of Cancer VII

btcooc_with_time_address_and_logoBeat the Crap Out of Cancer VII

We are again happy to host the 7th Beat the Crap Out of Cancer event!  Come by Sat, November 12 at 12pm (11am for registration) to watch these athletes put on sparring bouts with weapons :).  Donations can be made at the event, or please contact Rene and he will be glad to direct you to the proper site for donations.

We also have the MTO Nationals that day, with 6 athletes competing in Muay Thai fights on this day, so the following classes will be cancelled for this day:

10.00 Muay Thai Clinch
11.00 Fighters Muay Thai
11.00 Kali
12.00 Jeet Kune Do

Please come by and support this event, and please share this post!