The best grappler ever.

Best grappler ever?

Marcelo Garcia in my opinion, is the best grappler/BJJ practitioner to have ever walked this earth.  Not only does he consistently win one of the most stacked weight divisions in BJJ without breaking a sweat, he has a history of submitting many of the best heavyweight grapplers in absolute division.

He weighs 170 lbs. and submits guys 70+ lbs bigger! He’s armbaring big dudes like Rolles Gracie Jr., who weighs 242 lbs!  He looks like lil boy, but strikes fear in the biggest men.

His application of the X-guard sweep is a thing of beauty.  This guy has hands for feet. He is also known for being a true sportsman of the highest caliber, and all around really cool dude.

Who do you think is the best BJJ gamer of all time?  Leave a comment and state your case.

Check out Marcello Garcia highlight real below.

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