BJJ Kombatants show and prove at 2011 Toronto NAGA Championship

The 2011 Toronto North American Grappling Association (NAGA) Championship went down December 3rd weekend as part of the MMA Fan Expo in Mississauga. NAGA holds over 45 mixed grappling tournaments a year and this was its inaugural Canadian event.

Team Nova Uniao’s Kombatants were on hand to do what they do best, and they walked away quite decorated. Give these guys a round of rowdy applause, they’ve had a fantastic competition year.

Shaady Tadros has the results rundown:

No Gi (Saturday, December 3rd)

Sean Kent – Beginner Super Heavyweight – 1st
Kenny Rose – Beginner Light Heavyweight – 1st
Oliver McGivern – Beginner Heavyweight – 3rd
Vijay Hemanchal – Intermediate Super Heavyweight – 1st
Shawn Wilson – Masters Intermediate Cruiserweight – 1st, Intermediate Heavyweight – 1st
Ryan Namini – Intermediate Lightweight 14 & 15-year-olds – 1st

Gi (Sunday, December 4th)

Brown/Black Belt Super Heavyweight
Sean Kent (White Belt) – 1st
Vijay Hemanchal (White Belt) – 2nd

Blue Belt
Shawn Wilson – Masters Heavyweight – 2nd

White Belt
Nelson Kraus – Light Heavyweight – 2nd
Kenny Rose – Masters Light Heavyweight – 1st
Nathan Oheltenham – Heavyweight- 1st
Oliver McGivern – Heavyweight – 2nd