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9 Weeks to Get in Great Shape!

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The Kombat Physique Development Challenge is now underway and we want to take the time to give you guys some advice: 1) Come to class!  Be consistant and by coming to class you surround yourself with others who also want to see you succeed. 2) Click here and join.  You get access to a couple of FREE FAT BURNING PROGRAMS that will help motivate you when you can not make it to the regular classes. 3) Start on your nutrition.  Cut and paste the info below.  These Habits come from my good friends and trainers Nuno and Daniel: There are three goals to aim for when creating a meal plan for peak performance:

  • 1. Optimal Performance
  • 2. Optimal Body Composition
  • 3. Optimal health
 If you neglect any of there three factors your desired goal will not be achieved!  These three factors will enable you to reach your genetic potential without suffering any adverse side effects that might occur if you distance yourself from them.  These are the habits you should abide by:  Habit #1  Feed Every 2-3 hours... why?
  • It stimulates your metabolism
  • Balances out you blood sugars
  • Improves your overall health
  • Improves your body composition
  • Improves your performance
 Habit #2  Ingest Complete, lean protein at every feeding opportunity...why?
  • It will increase your muscle mass
  • It will improve recovery
  • Reduce body fat
 Habit #3  Ingest vegetables at every feeding opportunity...why?
  • They are packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Provides an alkaline load to the blood which helps to balance out the acid loads in the blood from proteins and grains.
Why do we need to balance out our diet?  Studies have shown that a deit rich in acidic foods lead to loss of bone strength and muscle mass. Habit #4  Ingest fruits and "other" carbohydrates after you work out... why?
  • The body carb tolerance is the best during exercise and a few hours after
  • It will also replenish your glycogen stores
  • It also produces a smaller insulin response therefore your blood sugars will be under control
Habit #5  Eat healthy fats daily... why?
  • Proper intake of healthy fats will assist in improving health, body composition, and performance

Avoid Trans Fats!!! They have no health benefits whatsoever!

Your goal is to ingest 1/3 saturated, 1/3 monounsaturated, and 1/3 polyunsaturated fats daily.  So 30% of your diet should come from fats.  Supplementation is also encouraged in this regard so we recommend a good fish oil supplement.  Habit #6  Most calorie containing drinks should be eliminated...why?
  • The macronutrient and micronutrient contained in these carbonated/high calorie drinks, including fruit juices, are terrible when compared to the ratio you get when ingesting a whole fruit lets say.
For any athlete who needs to keep well hydrated in their sport we recommend the conventional approach...


 Habit #7  Consume whole foods as opposes to supplementing...why?
  • Nothing comes close to the "real thing!"
We are not suggesting to never supplement, on the contrary we do encourage supplementation however, what we do not encourage is replacing your entire day's worth of healthy foods with protein shakes and such. We will recommend, as a maximum, replacing 1 meal/day with protein shakes ideally post workout.  We cannot stress enough to stay away from processed foods which include fast food restaurants and pre-packaged foods.

Keep it clean and lean!!!

 Habit #8  Plan to break the rules 10% of the time...why?
  • The difference between 100% adherence and 90% adherence is negligible we have estimated that if you eat 6 meals a day for 7 days that would add up to 42 meals per week and divide that by 10% would give you approximately 4 meals per week to play around with. This provides you some space both mentally and physically from your diet plan. Please note that skipping a meal counts towards your 10%, so don't lose the opportunity to eat pizza on a skipped meal.
 Habit #9  Plan ahead and prepare your meals in advanced... why?
  • Reduce the occurrence of skipped meals
Without proper planning the chances of skipped a meal rises and sooner than you think your 10% is gone. Planning out your week's worth of meals is our best recommendation. We suggest cooking up a storm on Sunday and dividing out the meals in Tupperware containers for the entire week. Remember even though you know what and when to eat if the food is not available to you due to poor organizational skills, all the knowledge in the world will not help you.                                                                                     Habit #10  Consume a wide variety of healthy foods... why?
  • Suppress boredom
  • Helps you stay on track

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