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How to do a Pull Up

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[googlevideo=https://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5869499915985519620&hl=en] Pull ups and chin ups are friggin hard!  Here is a vid of Nuno de Salles of sweatelitetraining.com (I know in the video both of us say "sweatelite.com", lack of sleep, no calories, whatever, sorry very unprofessional) sharing some tips on how to do a pull up or chin up if you can't do one, or want to improve your numbers. The audio is a little off so I'll write about what we did.  The whole idea is based around negatives.  Apparently we are stronger in the eccentric motion vs the concentric motion.  Method 1) Use a bench, chair or a human and use that as a launching platform to get up to the pull up bar.  Try to level off at eye / chin level.  Than slowly lower yourself down, try to lower yourself to a 3 or 5 count.  Use the chair again to get up to the chin up bar and do it again. Method 2) Use the chair again to get to the bar.  Use one foot or the toes of that foot to help your arms pull you up.  It's like having someone lift you up.  As you get better, try to minimize the use of your assisting foot.  Again try to exaggerate the negative. Method 3) No bench, chair or human.  Explosively jump to the bar, so that you are already at the bent arm position. You should be around eye / chin level.  Speed / explosiveness is the key to pull ups.  As you get better minimize the explosiveness so that you are relying more on your arms to get up.  Again really work the negatives. Method 4) Use the Resistance Band to help you.  Ask me for the bands, I have a few of them.  Getting into the band is the toughest thing.  Try not to fall or get tied up in it and embarrass me.  Again you are using the band to help you pull up to the bar.  Again accentuate the negatives.  As you get better you want to reduce the thickness / strength of the band. For all of these modes Nuno recommends 3 sets of 10 reps.  I would only rest 1 minute or so between sets.  If I had a choice I would do #3 as my preferred way of doing pull ups.  Than 1, and 2 and 4 tying for 3rd place.  If you need help, please ask Linda or myself.  I am always at the gym.  Good luck and thanks again Nuno-Jd Oh, I still need help with my book.  Please go here to help me with my survey, thanks-Jd

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