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2nd Day in LA

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  Ok the 2nd day has come to a close for us in LA.  Sly got to hang with Rob Kaman and spend some time sparring with Baxter Huxley, as Baxter got ready for his 5 round Muay Thai fight.  By the way Baxter has been fighting pro Muay Thai for 9 years, with half of his left arm missing! So no excuses; anyone can train and possibly compete.  Sly did very well and will spend the rest of the week sparring and training.

In the evening myself, Marc and James went to the Inosanto Martial Arts Academy to train for 2 hours.  The 1st hour was on silat.  It was hard work and we had to muster through a lot of unfamiliar techniques; but we had a lot of fun.  For the remaining hour we did the Filipino martial arts class.  We worked on double stick drills, single stick drills, espada y daga, baston y daga, dagger vs dagger, empty hand vs dagger and sarong vs the dagger.  Our brain was fried!  Guro Dan Inosanto really is a great instructor, and we all agreed that we would probably be content just to sit and listen to him talk about training and the history of martial arts.  We will be training again tomorrow in kali, MMA, JKD and Shooto.  Now I need to sleep or I won’t survive the week J -Jd

P.S. here is a short vid on Guro Dan Inosanto showing some silat


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