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How to Increase You Pull Up / Chin Up Numbers

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Chin up bar  Ok here are 2 strategies on how to increase your numbers with regards to pull ups and chin ups.  The 1st one is to buy a chin bar from Dale Tome (one of our members) and place in the doorway as pictured here.  This is an example of one in my house.  Now anytime I go in this particular room, I do 5 chin ups; when I leave I do another 5. I was laughing one day because at one time Linda had to do about 30 chins, because she forgot things and had to go in and out of the room numerous times.  It does not have to be 5, it can be any amount. Here is another method that requires a partner.  This routine is for you guys that can already do pull ups (or chin ups if that's your thing).  Later I'll post some stuff for guys that are having a hard time doing 1-2 pull ups.  Here it is: Do 1 pull up, hop off the bar, and let your partner do one (or, if you train alone like I do, take a few seconds break and imagine someone else taking the time to complete their repetition.) Then hop back up and do 2, and drop down so your partner can do 2, then 3 rest 3, try 4 rest 4 and so on until you find a number that you cannot complete, "boink".  Drop back down and start again with 1, ramping back up until you reach fatigue.  You can do as many sets to "failure" if you wish, but in our modified program we only went to 5 sets.  In those 5 sets Dave and I did 39 pull ups, in about 4 minutes!  The idea of this work out is to put in a lot of time "practicing" how to do a pull up, so that by week 9, it will be easier for your body to "remember" how to do all those pull ups.  This routine is also great because it does not lead to absolute failure, allowing your nervours system time to recuperate and it takes a short time to complete.  Enjoy!  Jd [googlevideo=https://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7891543184318665655]

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