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My Insight on Nutrition

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First and foremost I am NOT a nutritionist.  However I usually have to work long days, holding pads for Mongoloids, grappling with them, dealing with paperwork and administration stuff and getting my own training in.  So hopefully I can share some stuff on nutrition.  These are my random thoughts on nutrition:

  • Drink a lot of water.  Even though I am a coffee advocate, coffee does not count.  If you can drink a small bottle of water 1st thing in the morning.  You will be dehydrated when you wake up.  Thirst is a poor indicator of hydration.  It’s too late; drink all day (not alcohol).  During hot days I like ELOAD or any other electrolyte drink.
  • Eat a lot of small meals a day.  I typically graze all day.  A small meal can mean half a sub, a sandwich, half a pizza...
  • Eat and drink for your activities.  This is a tricky one.  It depends on how your digestive system works.  If you are going to come in and take a class (like a torturous Muay Thai or Linda’s insane Konditioning class) you have to eat something.  I cannot believe how many people come in, and their last meal was at 12 PM, which consisted of a muffin and a coffee. YOU WILL DIE in the class.  You will have to gauge how much time to allow yourself to digest your food.  I actually set an alarm to go off every 2 hrs, and I must find food within 1 hr of that alarm, or I will kill someone.
  • Eat within 30 minutes of completing your workout.  Have a protein bar / shake for the ride home.  Than when you get home have a complete “real” meal.
  • Supplements are just that: supplements.  Nothing replaces eating whole foods.  Make sure to rely on whole foods; it teaches your body how to properly break down organic materials for raw energy.
  • Eat white meat: turkey, eggs (whole eggs), chicken and sea food.  Beef and red meat is also good, but in moderation.
  • Give your plate color.  The more colourful your plate the healthier it is. This means eat your vegetables!!!
  • Here is a trick I use when I eat out. Let’s suppose I have a chicken, with rice and a side of vegetables.  If I start to get full, I usually push the rice away and concentrate on the veggies (I know, strange for an Oriental to give up on the rice).
  • Eating properly is a daily life long task.  Make small adjustments here and there.  For example I was always drinking double double coffees.  I cut that to regular, than straight black.  The weight started coming off.  Cut down / out on the alcohol. Slimmer waistline and thicker wallet.
  • If I am not training that day, than I insure that I eat properly.  I make an effort to work on my “diet”.
These are some of the tips that I use.  Again I am not a nutritionist, but this stuff helps me.  If you need a nutritionist, please ask me or email me.  I can refer you to a couple of good ones.  If you also want some FREE nutrition newsletters, email me and I will get it out to you.  Thxs and enjoy the holiday. Jd

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