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Hopefully these small minor points will help you with your Goals: Must be measurable. (i.e. training goals =1,000 reps for one technique) Results must be crystal clear. (It’s either yes or no... did you or didn’t you achieve the training goals?) Must be controllable by you. (Also take into consideration your training / drilling partners). Ask yourself the following questions: How do I....fill in your goal here What do I need to accomplish this goal? Who can assist me along the way? 3 “Big things” you need to know Determine exactly what it is you want to accomplish – You won’t get far at all with vague goals. ‘I just wanna be good’ is too general. Of course you want to be good – or better yet, great – but how much work are you willing to put in? Be specific. Determine what you need – To train, you might need some money, you’ll need at least one good training partner, you might need a ride to wherever you train, etc. When you determine what you need, you’ll have some of your steps and sometimes you’ll have a new goal. Determine who’s involved and who’s responsible –For some people, not relying on others is kinda easy... for others, it can be hard. Either way, you need to be the one in control and not leave anything in the hands of anyone else.   Do you have a quality partner you can rely on to drill with on a regular, consistent basis?  Hope this stuff helps guys, Jd

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