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The Kombat Arts BBQ

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Yes, I know this is 3 months old .... but better late than never Thanks to Rohan and Kam as the main organizers of the Kombat BBQ this past summer.  This is a thank you list in appreciation of all those that helped make the BBQ a success.  Apologies if you are missing from the list - Blame Kam and Rohan :) Sponsors Kove Kow  -  Golf lessons June Kow  -  Oral-B Electric toothbrush Sabina Abela - Lazer Hair removal Igor (Shoeless Joe)- 1 case ribs (comes with 2 guys to bbq for us till 5pm.  They did a great job), $10 coupons Scott Harris - $100 towards electrical work DJ Sanga from Good Boy Clothing   https://www.goodboyclothing.com/index2.html Fairtex Lakeport Brewing Company (Labatts) Kirby Dumaresque, Plant Manager 201 Burlington Street East, Hamilton ON Smart guard Mark – phone skins and $15 gift cards James Hayden  for PPV Volunteers Edwin Kow Jay Kow Kove Kow June Kow Monica Estevens Brandon Zambri Rosanna C. Andrea Nucci Sebastian Dave Edwards Greg’s friend who ran the poker table George Beni James Hayden Greg’s wrestling student Roberto Greg’s friend who installed the Dish Committee Members Rohan Larmond June Kow Cheryl Tin Mario Sam Ivano Greg C. Kam I think a special thanks should go out to June, Cheryl, Greg and Sebastian.  Without their help we could not have pulled off this BBQ

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