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Ugh, McDonalds Not So Good

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Dragged my carcass out of bed today at a respectable hour.  Still raining here.  I think today I am going to build an Ark.  Ever since I got here it's been raining.  And man it's cold!  I got to gain my weight back to stave off this cold.  I weigh 145 lbs.  The good thing is that last month I weighed 140 lbs.  So I'm back up.  My goal is to get back to my svelte 155lbs.  So that is how I ended up at McDonalds.  Actually it was the smell of fries and just plain interest.  After a Big Mac combo and 2 extra cheese burgers, I was not interested any more :(.  This was going to cost me later on. I did some lame errands and than Josip and I hooked up, making our way to KB-1 for training.  I put in my usual 4 rounds of 3 minutes, 30 sec rest on the bag.  The last round was really lethargic.  This was not a good sign.  Than Mehdi dropped the bomb.  I was going to hold pads for him, for 5 seven minute rounds with 1 rest! Time to digest my McDonalds!  And he was going to wear weights on his ankles! I have attached a video of the last 3 minutes of the last round.  We are still going at a respectable pace.  At the end of this I helped Mehdi out with some plyometrics.  I concluded my own workout with pull ups, T-push ups, abs and neck exercises.  Time to eat! Again we find ourselves at the Persian restaurant.  Going to gain that weight back!  Besides my daily Aspirin and Cold F/X supplementation, I found myself popping some extra Advil.  Soreness was already creeping into my muscles.  I think I will take a HOT shower and crash early tonight.  Tomorrow will be more training, and than downtown for an evening of debauchery and mischief-Jd [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psZtLjhQLbc]

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