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The Day After

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[gallery link="file"] Boy the day after can be rough.  The boys really did a good job with their wins yesterday so as they were partying it up in TO, I decided to do the same in Vancouver. Our evening consisted at dining at my friend's restaurant Azia.  If you love Asian Fusion food, you gotta come here.  It's got tapas, Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Mongolian and Japanese theme dishes.  A lot of the staff are Asian, so Ivano and Hector, jump on a plane! Afterwards we hit the theaters to see 2012.  Awesome effects in this movie.  However with all of the rain we've been getting in Vancouver, you would think 2012 is already upon us! The night concluded with more eating at Moxies and at the fully licensed Cafe Crepe! Next morning I woke up with a purpose to hit the gym in an effort to reverse the damage I had caused.  As my student Julian likes to state "if you do the crime, you must do the time."  Man I know that statement very well! Before I had a chance to hit the gym, I got a call from Rob Kaman!  You will be very glad to hear that Rob is his usual charismatic destructive self.  He says "hi" to all of the Kombat boys and girls. I jumped on the SkyTrain and made my way to the Gold's Gym.  Boy it's been a long time since I've been in a gym.  We actually started off Kombat Arts in the aerobics studio (just 2500 sq ft!) of a Gold's Gym.  Boy I miss those days, and at times a small part of me wishes to be back there.  The good news is that I weighed  in at 147 lbs this morning!  Must be the facial hair! It was great to be totally anonymous and get in about 1 1/2 hours of hard work.  My workout consisted of: skipping rope, shadowboxing, chin ups, dips, snatches into a split squat, military push presses, 1 legged stiff legged deadlifts, japanese squats, plate twists, more core training, Ys and Ts for the mid back and finally neck training.  Whew, not bad eh? I finished up and made my way to Extreme Pita were I chilled and read more of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now.  It's pretty interesting; if you've completed the whole book, please let me know your thoughts on it. Back at home Josip's brother entertained us for an hour or so by bringing over his German Shepherd puppies.  They are such little terrors! [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qznqsyiqiOU] After getting nipped everywhere, Josip and I escaped our residence and headed to Earls for dinner.  The night got capped off with the movie, The Blind Side.  The movie was really moving and inspirational.  If you get a chance please check it out.  Ok guys, off to chill out by watching Heroes on my net book.  Tomorrow will be a full day of Yoga (my 1st lesson!) and back to training camp-Jd

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