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Hot Heat, Hot Fights and Hot Food

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[gallery link="file"] Today was HOT!  It was hot enough to respect the heat, but pleasant enough to appreciate the other options: cold rain back in BC where I am building an Ark.  Today I got up late.  Needed the rest and I was ONE big sore muscle.  I started off the day with some quick meditation, breakfast and then I was off to the Channel 7 Studios.  Every Sunday the channel 7 studio shows fights.  Thanks Pak for getting us in!  There were 6 fights and all of them were good.  I have recorded a couple of rounds here and there.  Please be patient as the internet connection here sucks and it takes me awhile to upload.  Please watch them.  I risked life and limb to get them to you; if I don’t make it out, please tell my story. There were some rounds were all they did was elbow and knee each other.  And when a kick landed it was clearly audible to the whole crowd.  The crowd itself was a spectacle, with betting and cheering going on, it was like a scene from Bloodsport. After the fights, we went off to eat and hit some weights.  After all of that we hooked up with Cartoon, a good friend of Mehdi’s.  Cartoon produces some pretty awesome Thai shorts.  Her second specialty is finding us the best places to eat.  When I met Cartoon 1 year ago we had the BEST sea food ever.  Tonight we were not disappointed.  She just kept feeding me!  This is one of those rare times were I had to say “no more.”  I was so stuffed.  But in all sincerity it was really good sea food. After that awesome meal I dragged myself back home.  It was approximately 10.30 PM; time for a traditional Thai massage.  I spent 300 baht for an hour and a half massage.  This is approximately $10 Canadian.  A Thai massage is like MMA, Thai boxing and a massage mixed together!!  No seriously, these little Thai women use their whole body (elbows, knees etc) to find every trigger point in your body.  I came so close to tapping out.  I wish I brought my mouthpiece with me.  It was mind boggling how strong they can be.  I forgot how much I love / hate Thai massages.  So now I sit here back in my apartment at 1.00 AM, Monday morning, drinking Singha, typing this blog, while the rest of my team watches soccer on my TV.  Have a great day Kombat Arts!!! Jd

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