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Getting Kneed and Elbowed, Over and Over....

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[gallery link="file" columns="4"] Ok, Wednesday was pretty awesome.  I started off my day by walking to the local Seven Eleven to recharge my SIM card for my Blackberry and to grab some essential shaving supplies.  Then it was off to hang with the boys for breakfast.  Afterwards I went off to the camp to have a private lesson with Long, my Muay Thai coach.  Long is my height, but 20 lbs lighter.  We joked about that for awhile; being short, but named long.  Long is retired now, after fighting for 10 years and approximately 300 fights; I guess he has something to offer me :) Even though there was a language barrier, Long was an awesome coach.   I had a really good time as he perfected my knees and elbows.  What I really wanted to learn was some of the clinch sweeps and I got a lot of that.  Boy did I really hit the mat!  We could have gone all morning if I did not put a stop to it. I was getting kicked, kneed and elbowed.  I can tell that he was having a good time hitting me and teaching me at the same time.  I guess he thought that I learn by osmosis, or “feeling it”.  Long was surprised to hear that I was 37, and he kept asking me if I was sure.  Lol, yeah I’m sure.  He is 23 years old.  He was genuinely happy with my progress and fitness.  What a way to start my morning! When we were done, my friends and I took the Thai coaches, Long and Yut for lunch.  Ok, in one of the piks I am having duck with rice, soup and a whole mackerel.  Not included in the pik is my fruit juice.  Total cost? 100 baht.  Which is a little over $3.00.  Not bad eh?  Long was amusing us by trying to convince us that he was Beyonce’s boyfriend, and showing us his Viagra collection.  Nice. Before I got brainwashed any further I left everyone to take a nap.  I was feeling off with all of the seafood I was eating.  I woke up later to hold pads for 10 three minute rounds, with a 1 minute rest for Mehdi.  Afterwards I was too sore, so I rushed off for an hour and a half massage.  We later reconvened for dinner and we decompressed by watching movies and getting some serious training on the XBOX.  Tomorrow is Mehdi’s official weigh in, so we have all decided to chill out, circle the wagons and help Mehdi relax.  Tomorrow I also have a lesson at 10.00 AM.  Another day of beatings! Again please do not forget the New Schedule and the New Members’ Handbook.  Thxs my friends, Jd

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