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[gallery link="file"] My Thursday morning started with an hour and half training with Long. We "warmed up" with some sparring. This was a new way for me to warm up. But it was light so I was pretty game. Afterwards we worked on more clinch stuff and some pad work. I videotaped the lessons and I will try to upload, but again my internet here really sucks. I would be more successful if I actually mailed each and every one of you a DVD of my training!
After a quick shower and lunch I met with Mehdi and my team mates and we went off to Mehdi’s official weigh in. We also had the Australian and Russian athletes travelling with us to the weigh in. When we arrived at the weigh in, a flood of memories came back to me; it was being held at the same hotel I was at 2 years ago when I was in Thailand for the World Muay Thai tournament that Sly fought in!
The weigh in was a typical chaotic event, befitting the Thai people. It was supposed to start at 3.00 PM. Since we were early we had an unofficial weigh in. Then the time got changed to 4.30 PM. Then again to 3.45 PM. At that moment the food came out, in preparation for a celebratory meal after the weigh in. At this time there was a rush of athletes to weigh in as they were pretty much starved and dehydrated. When Mehdi’s opponent weighed in, he was 2 kg over. Mehdi weighed in perfectly. We expected Mehdi’s opponent to have to cut the weight. We were surprised to see him in the dinner line. Further investigation showed that Mehdi’s opponent did not have to cut the weight and that this was perfectly acceptable to the officials! This was an indication of other bad stuff to follow. Traffic was murder on the way home, so we waited out the traffic by killing time at the Lumpini Bazaar. We eventually made it home and it was this time that Mehdi got some bad news. There was a personal family emergency going on at home that demanded his immediate attention. With this distressing news Mehdi has cancelled the fight and will be leaving early for Canada tomorrow. Things can change just like that. I’m sorry to have to deliver this bad news, but there are a lot of more important things then fighting. I will be staying here a little bit longer, and will keep you updated via this blog. Good luck Mehdi my friend, Jd

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