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This is a really good article from my buddy Nuno of Sweat Elite Personal Training Studios on how to get to your Peak Performance.  Nuno is one of my students and he also trains me in Olympic style lifting.  I have not trained with Nuno in awhile, because frankly it hurts too much :)  No in all seriousness, Nuno is the best trainer, I know because I have worked with TONNES of different coaches.  YOU CAN ALSO CHECK OUT THIS POST ON MY THOUGHTS ON GETTING LEAN. Jd Want to be in Peak performance by the summer?  Well this means buckling down starting today with 100% adherence to a diet and 6 days of weight/cardio training….. Scared you didn’t I? Well it’s not that bad however; it’s not going to be easy either.  It is attainable though. Firstly, I want you to ask yourself why you want to be in Peak Performance by the summer. Now, whatever the answer let that be the basis for your goal.  I also find it helps to be financially committed as well.  Book a photo shoot 5-6 months from now with a professional photographer or just whatever first comes to mind that would keep you financially dedicated.  It’s been proven time and time again that when someone is financially committed it keeps up their motivation and prevents them from slacking off. Once you have set your goal this next step will keep your goal alive. I want you to ask yourself these 10 questions throughout the day every day.

  1. When was my last meal? If it’s been longer than 3-4 hours, eat immediately.
  2. Have I included a complete protein source in my meal? You’ll need to consume at least 1 serving of complete protein each meal. These include: Eggs, Lean meats like; Chicken, Turkey, Elk, Beef, Bison, Fish like; Tilapia, Tuna, Salmon, and Cod.  Unfortunately, plant protein (soy, nuts etc...) in not considered complete protein.
  3. Have I included veggies in my meal? You’ll need to consume at least 1-2 serving of veggies each meal
  4. When do I include my carbs? Consume carbs like Whole Wheat/ Brown Rice pasta, Whole Wheat/Multigrain bread, Brown/Wild rice etc…. in the morning or for Lunch if it is later on in the day or evening replace those carbs with Leafy greens or low Glycemic fruits like granny smith apples, pears etc….  If you have just finished a workout then a mix of carb sources is fine.
  5. Where are your fats coming from? Enjoy a mix of fats through your day like animal fats, olive oil, mixed nuts and flaxseed. Only keep to a portion size the size of your thumb.
  6. When was the last time I took my Fish Oils? Make sure you take you fish oils with each meal. Fish oil supplements have been proven to reduce depression, protect against virtually every disease of modern day society, boost muscle mass, reduce body fat and speed up metabolism.
  7. When was the last time I drank a glass of water / green tea? Remember to keep Hydrated. Drink water with every meal and also drink upon waking and 3 hours before going to bed. Herbal teas (like green teas) are a great substitute and are full of antioxidants.
  8. Am I following the 10% rule correctly? The difference between 100% adherence and 90% adherence to a meal plan is negligible. It’s been estimated that if you eat 6 meals a day for 7 days that would add up to 42 meals per week and divide that by 10% would give you approximately 4 meals per week to play around with.  This would give you a nice break mentally and physically from your diet plan.  Please note that if any of the habits above are broken make sure to count it towards your 10%, and make it a goal to get back on track, so don’t lose the opportunity to eat pizza on a skipped meal.
  9. When was my last workout session? If it’s been 2 days since your last workout session then it time to workout again.  A tailored exercise program is essential to achieving your goal.  Remember also you cannot fat target… meaning doing 100 crunches will not get you that washboard stomach.  Doing Squats, Lunges, planks (a variety) etc… will since they engage your core muscles in a functional way.
10.  When is it a good time to consult a professional? Anytime is a good time. A Personal Trainer can tailor a perfect workout program for you.  A Nutritionist will design a well balanced meal plan. A Sports Therapist will make sure you do not injury yourself along with treating and preexisting injuries.

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