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How to Spar #1

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In this series of posts I will suggest some different sparring drills that will progressively improve your game.  At the Kombat Arts we don't believe in throwing people right in and watching them get maimed.  The "survival of the fittest" idea will come later on as they  develop a good base in ring tactics, technical application and confidence. For all of these drills you must have the proper gear.  I would suggest 14/16 oz gloves, head gear, mouth piece, groin protection, knee and shin pads. You must work with an ego-less partner.  If you can try to work with someone who is better than you, and is willing to teach you as you go through the drills.  And I don't mean teach you by smashing you, in the hopes that you will learn through osmosis. I stole this reaction drill from a seminar taught by Burton Richardson of JKD Unlimited.  I feel that it is a very good drill because the student has to learn how to read the punches, and come back with the appropriate counter.  Thanks Burton! Drill 1 Person A and B feed jab cross back and forth. Drill 2 Person A and B feed jab lead hook back and forth For both drills 1 and 2, pay particular attention to your partners, hips, shoulders, facial expressions, or any other "tells" that may help you in determining when and what kind of punch they are going to throw. Drill 3 Person A and B can now exchange at a relaxed pace, either jab cross, or jab lead hook.  Remember the goal is to train yourself to see the punches.  Not kill each other! Drill 4 Now the next progression; countering with 1 technique.  So now ever time your partner feeds you a jab cross, you must counter with a cross.  And every time your partner feeds a jab lead hook, you must return with your own lead hook.  You can do this back and forth, or just have one person feed for the entire round. Drill 5 Now instead of countering with one technique, you get to counter with a set combination.  So any time your partner feeds jab cross, you must counter with cross hook cross left kick.  And any time your partner feeds jab lead hook, you must counter with hook cross hook right kick. I know this drill will really help you out.  In future posts I will make the drills progressively challenging.  Have fun and remember to play nice :)  Jd

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