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Anytime the season changes I look at it as an opportunity to clean out my house. That usually means dumping clothes to Goodwill and in this case books that I do not need. So here is a list of books that I am selling. First come first serve. You can find these books at the format counter. CASH ONLY please. Thxs! Kru Joey Jeet Kune Do – The Principles of a Complete Fighter $11.50 Anatomy of a Street Fighter $13.50 Muay Thai Basics: Introduction Thai Boxing Techniques $10.00 Principles, Analysis, and Application of Effortless Combat Throws $16.00 Strength Training Anatomy $9.00 Filipino Martial Arts $13.50 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Submission Grappling techniques $15.00 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: For Experts only $15.00 Wing tsun Dummy techniques $12.50 Filipino Martial Culture $17.00 Sports Nutrition Guide $10.00 The Sport Psych handbook $9.50 Mastering Jujitsu $8.50 How to defend yourself against armed assault (Krav Maga) $8.50 Third Edition: Sports First Aid $8.00 A Fighter’s Heart $7.50 CQB (Close Quarter Battle) $12.50 Second Edition: Strength Ball Training $8.50 No Holds Barred $7.50 Bruce lee’s fighting method $6.00 Core Performance $9.00 Functional Training for Sports $8.50 Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge $??? My View from the Corner $12.00 Judo Unleashed $10.00 Strength Ball Training $12.00 Muay Thai Unleashed $10.00 Beyond Body Building $15.00 Sports Power $7.50 The Straight Lead $9.00 The Paleo Diet for Athletes $6.50 Karambit $8.00 Volume one: Training at the Speed of Life $20 Second Edition: Jumping Into Plyometrics $10.00 Wrestling for Fighting “The Natural Way” $15.00 The Naked Warrior $14.00 Athletic Body in Balance $8.50 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: No holds Barred! Fighting techniques $9.50 Mastering the Twister $14.50 Second Edition: Sport Strength $11.50 Diets Designed for Athletics $7.50 Training Speed Agility, and Quickness $8.50

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