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Lazy Sunday Link Dump: Shadow Samurai edition

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    Here are your Lazy Sunday reads for Feb. 20, 2011: 
  • Where have all the sumo wrestlers gone? (They can't be that easy to hide, right?) The New York Times looks at how Yakuza ties have contributed to the sport's financial and cultural decline in Japan. [The New York Times]
  • Speaking of sumo wrestlers, remember Keith Hackney? The so-called "Giant Killer" who at UFC 3 put away massive 600-pounder Emmanuel Yarborough with a bevy of memorable hammer fists? Jason Probst finds out where the cult hero is now and gets him to reflect on his time in the UFC at its infancy. [Sherdog]
  • Iowa State High School is the center of an interesting gender debate: wrestler Joel Northrup recently refused to compete against Cassy Herkelman, a girl, at a wrestling tournament he was the favourite to win. Should girls wrestle against boys? Was Northrup offensively patronizing, or was his dilemma too much to ask of a teenage boy who probably has enough confusing boy/girl issues to deal with already? The answers aren't so black and white; Kid Nate compiles the commentary. [Bloody Elbow]
  • Former UFC fighter Dan Lauzon suffered a non-fatal stab wound in an altercation with a group of men who "didn’t believe Lauzon was as tough as he seemed." Sounds like a group of awesome people. Dan's brother Joe Lauzon reportedly sprained his ankle when he heard the news and rushed to his brother's aid. [MMA Frenzy]
  • Two things people hate doing: 1) sitting down and shutting up, and 2) admitting that they can change. Apparently though, one can help the other, as new studies show that meditation can actually alter your brain. Namaste, yo. [New York Times blogs]
  • UFC champ Jose Aldo buying his first suit is the most hilarious, endearing thing ever. [TeamBlackhouseMMA]
  • And for the Mini Dragons, in case you missed Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith performing with a group of martial artists at the Grammy Awards, here you go. Just forward to the minute mark and promise not to tell anyone I sent you this link. [3 News]
Thanks to Kombat's Twitterstream for swapping resources. Be sure to follow us @KombatArts! Hat-tip to Rob Hoosein and Geek.com for linking to the amazing performance art piece of a samurai battling his shadow.

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