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9 easy ways to keep Kombat fresh during the summer

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It's another hot one this week, boys and girls, so it's a good time to revisit and reiterate the many little things we can all do to help keep the Kombat experience fresh and clean during the summer. We're all human. We sweat, and sometimes we stink. Fortunately, there are dozens of measures each of us can take to ensure summer is a healthy, comfortable and fun training experience. Here are just a few:

  • Bring a Towel: Nothing can stop you from sweating. In fact, we want you to sweat. But a quick towel wipe during water breaks or between classes can do wonders, not just for your training partner's comfort, but your own as well.
  • Actually, Bring Two Towels: You should be wiping down any exercise equipment once you're through with it, and it's a good idea to use a different towel for your body. That way you prevent transferring dirt from the bench to your face.
  • While We're Doubling Up, Bring Two T-shirts: Many of our students take multiple classes in a row, and it's a good idea to start as fresh as possible for the second. Your sweat-drenched shirt isn't functional by that point anyway, so why not quickly change to a fresh T between classes? You'll feel infinitely better and probably have an easier time finding a training partner too.
  • Invest in Sweat-Wicking Shirts: Check in with our proshop or visit the Hayabusa online store for breathable shirts that wick away moisture to keep you dry and comfy, and also inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.
  • Your 3 Best Friends: Deodorant, powders, and Febreze never hurt anybody. They can't replace proper, regular hygiene, but they can and should be used to supplement it.
  • Wash Your Hands: One of the biggest culprits in spreading germs is touching infected surfaces and then touching your face. In a martial arts gym this is of extra concern, as we're often gripping or grappling with our partners. Use hand sanitizer (we have some stations throughout the gym, but it's a good idea to just keep some in your gym bag), and thoroughly wash your hands using our bathroom sinks.
  • Do Your Laundry: Sorry to sound like your mom, but yeah. Wash your clothes! This includes not only your drenched T-shirts and shorts, but also that BJJ gi that you think is thick enough to not absorb any sweat, those hand-wraps that you think nobody can smell beneath your gloves, and that gym bag you think never needs to be wiped down. If it can be washed, wash it. And if what you're wearing on Monday is still damp from Friday's session, you're grounded.
  • Showers: I think bathing yourself goes without saying, but hey, let's say it anyway. Also, we have showers at the gym, so don't feel weird about hopping in for a quick rinse before you train if you've already been working up a particularly intense sweat all day.
  • Water: While the common theme here is sweat and hygiene, we can't stress enough the personal importance of staying hydrated. Make sure you're drinking water throughout the day and stock up for the gym. You're sweating more and you need to compensate in order to get the most out of your workout and prevent unnecessary injuries, dizziness or fatigue.
All said and done, be cool and have fun! With the garage doors up and the sun shining through, summers at Kombat Arts are always a wonderful thing.

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