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Concussions in Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA

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https://youtu.be/05tKob_K76I In a recent study done in Canada, researchers found that brain trauma occurs in 30% of Mixed Martial Arts Fights. You can see the article here at BJPENN.COM Even though it is an interesting short article, I personally don't think that the research is totally complete or accurate and a lot more work has to be done on the types of injuries and concussions in the Mixed Martial Arts world. Another area that should also be investigated is the trauma that these athletes go through during training. I bet there are a few concussions received in training, but are never reported, especially if money is on the line. What is a Concussion? Check out this video that I found on the Ontario Athletic Therapist Association Website (a great website) on Concussion 101 https://youtu.be/zCCD52Pty4A And if you ever do get a hard head shot, whether from martial arts, boxing or any sport, here is a good resource to identify symptoms and make some basic assessments. HOWEVER, this is a BASIC assessment and does not replace the expertise of a doctor. Do the smart thing and see a doctor. You do not want to fool around with your brain. See the experts. For more on Injury Management, check out this old post: INJURY MANAGEMENT. Also, concussions can also occur in the grappling and wrestling world. It's not as common, but it can occur. You can be thrown on your head, and some people have reported getting a concussion, if they fall on their tailbone from a pretty big height. The best way to get over a concussion? Even though there is a lot of research, from taking Phosphatidylserine and hyperbolic chambers, the best cure is...rest.

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