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SPOTLIGHT on Kombat BJJ Athlete: Vijay Hemanchal

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Hi Folks, This week we have a great interview with one of our very own Kombat BJJ athletes - VIJAY HEMANCHAL.  He is an accomplished competitor who also runs a successful CA business, yet manages to squeeze necks and break arms in his spare time. :-) Here's a bit more about Vijay: Vijay4

1) When did you first decide to join Kombat Arts?  Summer of 2009

2) What is your favorite class and why? BJJ because I compete, participated in 25 tournaments in 2013 and was the #3 ranked Blue Belt in the Ultra Heavy Adult Division for IBJJF.  I'm currently a purple belt and trying to work my way up the rankings again.

3) How often do you train at Kombat Arts? A few times a week, but it's difficult with 3 kids and running a successful Chartered Accountant practice to train as much as I would like.

4) What is your favourite component/aspect of Kombat Arts? (The classes, the instructors, the students, the atmosphere, etc...)  Amir Yafawi is the best BJJ instructor I’ve ever come across.


5) Why should others join?  Challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone. BJJ is a great tool to help someone improve in all areas of life. It’s a great challenge. I just turned 40 and still compete in the adult division against the young guns.

6) What benefits have you learned/garnered from being a part of Kombat? Superior instruction and training partners that are my size.

7) Is there an aspect to the gym that we could improve upon?  More focus on BJJ.

For more information, please visit: www.ghcas.com

Thanks to Vijay for his time.  Look forward to seeing you on the mat!

ARTICLE BY: Alice Soon - www.alicesoon.wordpress.com - @AliceSoon1

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