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Another Great Muay Thai Teep Workshop

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another muay thai workshop Another great Muay Thai Teep workshop was conducted by Kru Edward de Nobrega At the Kombat Arts Mississauga. It was a really good workshop on this Muay Thai technique, covering the actual technique, set ups, and various counters. It was good to see all of the students, of various levels, enjoying themselves and learning. From what I see, when Muay Thai is practiced in North America, the Teep (foot jab, push kick) is the most underused technique.

Why is the Muay Thai Teep Underused?

  • A lack of understanding on how to use the technique
  • The pace seems to be faster in North America, because of shorter fights (3 rounds, versus 5 rounds).  Typically the Teep can be used to prolong a match, to build anticipation; but this seems to done n loner matches
  • It's not a glamorous technique

How Can We Use the Muay Thai Teep?

  1. Keep an aggressive opponent away
  2. Frustrate an opponent, especially after you attack, and you do not let them come close to engage you
  3. Probe your opponent's guard to look for openings and reactions that can be capitalized on
  4. Set up your attacks
  Unfortunately Kru Eddie ran out of time to cover all of his techniques and share his extensive knowledge on Muay Thai...but that just means that he will be back on October 4 at 12pm-130pm. I think Kru will be showing how the Teep can be used to various targets, set ups and some pretty cool counters. This FREE Muay Thai workshop will be open to all Kombat Arts students, of all levels, so we hope to see all of you there! Live in or around Mississauga and want to try Muay Thai? Come in for a FREE WEEK!

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