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Healthy Foods That Are Making You Fat

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Let’s face it: It’s a challenge to eat well and sort through the reams of various diets out there.  Even the best of us cannot always deny the gleam of a shiny glazed donut or the crunch of a perfectly salted potato chip. But what if some of the so-called “healthy foods” we’ve been told to eat all these years are actually saboteurs to our already strict and restrictive diets, causing frustration and unsightly weight gain? This is precisely the subject of a fascinating book, THE PLAN, by Lyn-Genet Recitas, who purports that there are “healthy foods” that cause a negative response in our bodies, causing us to gain bloat and weight. Here are some of the usual suspects (tell me if you are not as shocked as I was!)

  • OATMEAL – I almost cried when I read this. I love oatmeal and was eating it every other day. However, I did notice my stomach always felt unwell and nauseous after I ate it. Turns out, 85% of people are reactive to oatmeal. It only helps to reduce cholesterol if this is a “friendly” food your body can digest, otherwise, it will negatively impact your health or even raise your cholesterol!
  • SALMON – Superfood? Not necessarily. Again, this omega rich food has an 85% reactivity rate.
  • Upset you’ll have to give up all these yummy, healthy foods? It gets worse…Check out the rest of the list of highly reactive foods (this is just a sample – there are many more!!!)
  • TOFU
Sufficed to say this list has dramatically whittled my already restrictive diet down to zero. healthy-food-stocks But why are these foods potentially so bad for you? The problem? INFLAMMATION. Yes, Recitas writes that these foods may be healthy in a vacuum, but combined with our unique body chemistry, they can be quite toxic.  And doctors are starting to acknowledge that inflammation is the underlying cause behind all disease and health issues. She outlines a plan with a 3-day cleanse (almost like an elimination diet) to rebalance your body and then slowly re-introduce foods in a controlled manner to monitor your weight and body response. I highly recommend reading this book for more information.  Even if just for the theory or concept behind it.  I can tell you my belly bloat has been significantly reduced over the last year once I determined which healthy foods were actually causing my body to have an inflammatory response and I’ve adjusted my lifestyle accordingly Find the book here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15018749-the-plan THANKS and have a great weekend everyone! ARTICLE BY: Alice Soon @AliceSoon1 Alice has been a Kombat Arts member since 2007.  When not getting punched and kicked at the club, she also works as a Marketing Manager by day and an epic novel writer by night.

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