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Shadowboxing is probably one of the most under utilized and misunderstood training tools. But it is one of the most important training tools in the striking arts, whether you are training in Muay Thai, boxing or K1 style.

In this Kombat Arts Tip of the Week, Kombat Arts Boxing Coach, Sean Fulgencio explains the key points of shadowboxing with Negus Taylor, 2014 Ontario Bronze Gloves Novice Champion

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Shadowboxing helps you:

  • Refine your technique, especially if done with a mirror
  • Train your nervous system, muscles and overall body to "remember" and eventually "know" the technique
  • Teach you how to flow fluidly from one technique to another
  • Coordinate your footwork with your technique

When shadowboxing first start of by analyzing your stance. Are you balanced? Can you move? Can you easily attack and defend? Are there any holes in your stance? Where is your chin and hands?

Then pick one or two techniques to work. Are you telegraphing your technique? Are you hitting with the appropriate impact area? Do you quickly and efficiently retract your technique?

Do you practice your defense? Hands up? Blocking and head movement? Avoiding kicks and shielding against them?

How is your footwork? Do you cross your feet? Forward, backward and circling? How would you cut off the ring? Or avoid the ropes? Can you coordinate your attacks and defense with your footwork?

As you can see, shadowboxing can offer a lot to your training? It is an underused tool, but very vital. Try using your shadowboxing as a warm up or as a cool down. But when practicing it, try to be cognizant of the training points that I mentioned.

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