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It’s that time of year again, and while it’s important to remain festive and enjoy time with our family friends, it’s important to be mindful of our eating so that when the New Year rolls along, we find we have not put on those unpleasant, pesky pounds. But why does it matter, you ask? Don’t be such a GRINCH! Why can’t I enjoy myself once a year? Grinch The problem is not with the 0.5 to 10 lbs you may gain during the holidays (it’s fun to indulge every once in awhile) but that the majority of people NEVER LOSE IT.  That’s right, 1 or 2 pounds gained every year for a period of 10 years can easily cause you to become overweight or even obese.  Studies show that 80% of people never lose the holiday weight they put on. With all that said, what are some simple tips you can do to stay ahead? 1) PLAN AHEAD If you have a big party or event coming up, you know when it will happen.  It’s not a surprise.  So plan ahead.  Make sure you eat enough before the party so you’re not going in there hungry and attacking all the food like a rabid dog. 2) LIMIT YOUR ALCOHOL One or two drinks is fine but if allow yourself to drink like a fish, you may see the unwanted pounds pack on.  If you really must drink more than a few, try switching to lower calorie options such as a vodka tonic or diluting your drink with water or on the rocks. Holiday Bulge 3) GET ENOUGH SLEEP AND REST It’s proven that lack of sleep leads to many ailments and weight gain.  During this extremely busy time, make sure you give your body enough rest to restore your senses.  Try and stick to your normal sleeping schedule as much as possible and avoid staying up late nights (except maybe on Christmas Eve to see Santa!). 4) STICK TO YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE Exercise may be on the bottom of your TO-DO list, but make sure to squeeze it in whenever possible.  Most gyms & fitness centres make modified schedules during the holidays so you have no excuse! Moving will also help to offset any extra calories you may have consumed at those lavish parties.  And shoveling the snow doesn’t hurt. 5) FOCUS ON THE COMPANY, NOT THE FOOD The holidays are a time for celebration and connection with your loved ones.  Learn to cherish the time spent with the important people in your life and not on the food that you’re eating.  Heck, why not arrange a Christmas Boot-Camp instead of a Christmas Potluck? ;-P HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! ARTICLE BY: Alice Soon @AliceSoon1 Alice has been a Kombat Arts member since 2007.  When not getting punched and kicked at the club, she also works as a Marketing Manager by day and an epic novel writer by night.  

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