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5 Knock Out Tips for a Lethal Left Hook

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5 Knock Out Tips for a Lethal Left Hook

5 Knock Out Tips for a Lethal Left Hook

Widely considered to be one of the most devastating punches in combat sports, the left hook is an essential tool in any fighter’s toolbox. Inspired by the latest knockout victory by Marc Pagcaliwangan, let’s look at ways to unleash it’s fury like a wrecking ball and make you a walk-off knock out artist.

Speed Drills, Speed Kills – one of the deadliest left hookers in the boxing world was a little known Brooklyn kid named Mike Tyson. Able to throw 4 power punches per second and eat a man’s soul and wash it down with his family, Iron Mike used supersonic speed with freight train power and garnered 19 straight knockouts doing so. Using speed drills on a heavy bag or on the mitts with a partner, throw multiples of different types of hooks, first slow, then fast. Watch the body count add up.

Build Your Reactor Core – The mechanics of striking follow a similar pattern, power is drawn from the ground, through the legs, passing through the trunk, and out to the extremities. The pivot of the foot begins the torsion tornado that then moves to the hips. The hips then open up and slingshot the energy through themselves and up through to the trunk of the body which then turns over the left arm through a slightly dropped shoulder. The final twist occurs when the fist is turned and all of the energy is unleashed on the jaw of the poor soul on the receiving end. Russian twists with medicine balls, resistance bands pulls, and practicing throwing hooks are all great ways to strengthen this chain of movement. Check out the Kombat Arts YouTube Channel for a great resistance band workout.

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Be Predictable, Then Don’t - Sugar Ray Robinson loved to throw multiple combos to the body, then, when his opponents were expecting another flurry to the breadbasket, he went to the top floor and they went to the hospital. Get your opponent’s timing down, and then unleash your left hook of doom. When your opponent wakes up, their name will be added to the list of those who never saw it coming. Experiment with different hooks in training, you never know when the opportunity will present itself. Stay ready.

Sometimes Simplicity is SuperbJoe Frazier. Volume and consistency. Smokin Joe would throw so many hooks that even the great Muhammed Ali fell victim to their thudding rhythm. Don’t overcomplicate when to use your hooks. As much as waiting for that “perfect” moment, using your hooks to rattle your opponent’s brain or wear down their body can be an effective tactic to set up your coup de grace.

Degrees of Devastation – Angles. Via footwork, body placement, or the angle from which the hook is thrown. Former UFC Champion Bas Rutten loved to throw his like hybrid uppercut- hooks. He found it got through an opponent’s defense faster and easier than a right angled looping hook. Or try a side step to your right quickly and throw your hook if your opponent takes the bait. There are as many variations and angles as you can imagine. Use them all to your advantage.

These are the 5 Knock Out Tips for a Lethal Left Hook. What are your tips for having a killer left hook?

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