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Events, Seminars, and Workshops

Here at The Kombat Arts Training Academy, we are lucky enough to have such a diverse group of Coaches and Students. From this wide array of individuals, we are able to share and learn many different skills and specialties that otherwise would not be offered. Such is the nature of our Kombat Family. Over the last few months, we have had some exceptional people share their knowledge with us.   Kru Mehdi Pouroskoui visited us in March, and taught an awesome workshop on Thailand's ancient battlefield art of Muay Boran. The grandfather of Muay Thai, this art used empty hand techniques that were as ferocious in battle as the warriors who used it. He graciously shared many tips and striking and clinching techniques from this historic fighting style.muay boran workshop   Coach Mark Medeiros of Oshawa Wing Chun and Martial Arts stopped by to teach a great workshop on how to use the Muk Jong and it's applications. The Muk Jong is a great tool for cultivating hand and leg combinations and techniques while adding some conditioning in the mix. Thank you Mark for sharing your great knowledge and techniques. [sd_video id="weGPD3-78fo" type="youtube" align="center"]   Dwight Dixon came to us and introduced us to the Filipino Martial Art of Sayaw ng Kamatayan, or Yaw Yan for short. Yaw Yan is known as the Dance of Death, It is a Filipino style of  kickboxing, which incorporates trapping and weapon techniques. He shared some great techniques and our students had a lot of fun learning them. Thank you Dwight. Kombat Arts Member Jessica Nehme held a fantastic workshop on Meditation for Athletes.  Many Kombat members attended and great information was shared. A balance between body and brain is needed to succeed and this was perfect for our athletes. Namaste Jessica! Workshop on Meditation   Another Kombat Member, Oskar Gut got our hips moving with his Hip Hinge workshop. Those looking to improve Deadlifts, Swings, Cleans, and increase Hip Mobility, were in attendance and got some great tips and movements to help them out. Thanks Oskar! Hip Hinge Workshop   It's been busy the last few months with all this information being shared.  We are truly blessed to have these workshops and all these wonderful people passing on their knowledge to us. If you have any suggestions or requests, please speak to your Coaches or send an email to info@kombatarts.com or kombatartsblog@gmail.com.   Our next workshop will be our Performance Mindset Workshop on Saturday, July 18th, with Strong Athlete Coach Gaetan Boutin. For a FREE 14 Day Trial , please fill out this form. Sign up for the Kombat Newsletter. There's a form on the right hand side of this page. Like, follow, and subscribe to all of Kombat's social media on  Facebook ,  Twitter,  YouTube, and Instagram.    

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