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Hi Everyone! This month, we are pleased to feature one of our fantastic & loyal members, Jeff Borg, who has been with Kombat Arts for more than a decade! Please take some time to check out his journey towards health & well-being and a great example for us all. 1) When did you first decide to join Kombat Arts? I first started at Kombat about 10 years ago and a few locations ago.  It’s been interesting to see the changes and growth of the gym. 2) What is your favourite class and why? I really don’t do any of the classes per say.  I’ve always done private lessons with Joey, Sean or Soc, but primarily with Joey. We have developed a great friendship over the years. The one class I do take and really enjoy is Saturday’s Konditioning class on Saturday mornings with Rohan. That class is awesome as I get to spend it with some other great friends who also take the class. 3) How often do you train at Kombat Arts? How do you juggle the time between having a busy real estate business & training? I train 3 times a week at Kombat, Tuesday mornings at 8am, Thursday morning at 9am and Saturday 9:30-11:00am. I also see Gaetan to work on my ailment, Friday mornings at 10:30am. I am really busy with Real Estate but I work my schedule around my training, because it’s very important to me and keeps me grounded. It is like therapy for me. 4) What is your favorite aspect of Kombat Arts? Some of the things I most like about Kombat Arts are most certainly the trainers. It’s like you are a part of a big family. It’s a place I have always felt very comfortable. They are very knowledgeable in many fields of training and encourage you to try your best.  They help you to push past your comfort level, while being very careful not to overdo it, so you don’t get injured. I have also really enjoyed building friendships with some of the other members as well as the people I work out with during the week in the morning sessions. They are older (my age) and we have a great laugh while pushing each other to go hard. Lastly, the Saturday class is a very intense class with a wonderful instructor who makes the class interesting, different, and always challenging. All the while there is great banter with the other members and we also have a great laugh. Rohan really loves his job and it shows. Jeff Borg2 5) Why should others join? I think others should try it out and join because the classes are offered at all different levels and every class is adjusted to every different pace, depending on the individual’s level of conditioning. The encouragement you receive from the trainers and other members is wonderful; it’s like making a public commitment to everyone in the class where your friends support you and encourage your goals.  The other thing I think people should really know is the atmosphere is so friendly and non-confrontational or threatening; it’s the opposite of what most people would think or suspect from a martial arts gym. 6) What benefits have you learned from being a part of Kombat? Trust, friendship, support, and encouragement. It’s really like a second home and I always enjoy going. I can honestly say I give it 100%. Every time I show up, I give no excuses for the time I’ve committed to be there and I love it. 7) What makes Kombat different from other gyms or fitness programs? I think the whole experience is different; everything from the people, to the atmosphere. The trainers/staff really care about your goals; they are there to help you and get excited when they see progress of their members. 8) Is there an aspect to the gym that we could improve upon? I’ve often thought about “what could they improve on”.  I'm not really sure because for me, when I am there, it’s exactly what I want from the gym. It’s not fancy, it doesn’t have the latest and best equipment, but it doesn’t need that.  You get a full over the top workout with NO equipment if you choose, and I’ve done it many times.  If they could change one thing for me it would be reserved parking spaces on Saturday mornings... LOL :-P 9) Any other comments? I would encourage those coming to Kombat for a trial membership to make this experience about your life, health and well being.  It's not about what you do, but WHO you are. To reach Jeff, you can find him here: https://www.jeffborg.com/ JB ARTICLE BY: Alice Soon @AliceSoon1

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