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The Big 3 Lifts and The Big 3 at Kombat Arts

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The Big 3 Lifts and The Big 3 at Kombat  Arts

Here at The Kombat Arts Training Academy we offer many training options, but the Big 3 are without question, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, and Muay Thai.  In Powerlifting, the Big 3 movements are Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press.  But what can these lifts do to improve your performance in these sports? Aside from improving your fitness and strength across the board, there are some sport specific benefits as well. Brazilan Jiu Jitsu - One of the most important attributes in BJJ is having a strong grip. The deadlift will quickly show you how weak your grip can be. Whether you are lifting heavy or going for reps, your grip strength will determine how much you will be doing and when you will be dropping the weight.  Squats will strengthen your hips, glutes, and quads, and make your guard game frustratingly strong. Working your posterior chain with volume and increasing your hip and ankle mobility by squatting deep will improve your flexibility and strength to help you control your opponent’s posture more easily. The Bench Press will improve forearm, triceps, chest, and shoulder strength and mobility. It also has the unique benefit of putting you in the position of working off your back. Working your upper body strength from your back can translate into your sweeps and or set up a submission from guard. Boxing - What can the sweet science take away from the Big 3? Getting hit with a strong cross from a boxer is bad, getting hit with a strong cross from a boxer who can bench 250lbs is next level. The posterior chain work from squats and deadlifts will give you a strong base to draw your power from.  The Bench Press will improve your punches and strengthen your arms and shoulders to tighten up your defensive guard. Each one of the Big 3 movements also work your core from the inside out, encouraging keeping the core tight to protect the spine is one of the best ab workouts you can get. Don’t let those big bellies on powerlifters fool you.  This technique can help with tensing your abs to deflect and absorb more damage when taking body shots. Muay Thai- Aside from the above benefits listed for boxing, Thai Boxing being as power shot oriented as it is, takes even more from the Big 3 movements then it’s two limb cousin. A strong squat equals a strong push kick. The same muscle group is recruited, it just happens to be on a horizontal plane instead of a vertical one.  The plum/clinch is amplified by the Bench Press and Deadlift by strengthening the shoulders, forearms, and triceps. Knees and round kicks from a strong squatter will dig deeper and make your opponent reevaluate his life choices. In closing, I’m not suggesting that everyone stop training their respective sports, put on a singlet and try to get a 2000lb total on the platform. I am merely pointing out how these movements can translate into your sports and help you up your game. Nothing replaces practicing your own sport. Shooting free throws will make you a better basketball player. Bench pressing tree fitty won’t make you Lebron.  But strength is never a weakness.  So take the benefits from the lifts, and stop worrying about getting “bulky”. It takes years of hard work and a lot of food to get “muscle bound”. So benching every couple of weeks isn’t going to turn you into The Incredible Hulk, but implementing it into a good strength and conditioning program will make you feel like him.  Get better, get stronger, push forward, be the best version of yourself. big 3 For a FREE 14 Day Trial , please fill out this form. Sign up for the Kombat Newsletter. There's a form on the right hand side of this page. Like, follow, and subscribe to all of Kombat's social media on  Facebook ,  Twitter,  YouTube, and Instagram.

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