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Custom Made Mouthguard Clinic at KOMBAT ARTS

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Kombat Arts Mississauga MMA SmartguardsCustom Made Mouthguard Clinic at KOMBAT ARTS

Ok you guys asked for it; we are holding another Smart Guards Mouthguards Workshop at Kombat Arts. Whether it is Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing or any other martial arts, these are the best custom made mouthpieces that offer the best protection. Kombat Arts has a long relationship with Smart Guards, and I have personally owned 3 of these guards.

Why Smart Guards?

Smartguard Facts

Smartguards will create a custom mouthguard to your design wishes using the highest levels of dental fabrication methods being used today. Pressure Laminate guards are the highest level of dental fit mouthguards. These guards are layered under pressure to give you the best over all protection and fit. You will be able to talk, breathe and concentrate on your sport without having to worry about your guard falling out. This type of mouthguard is the type of guard that is worn by the pros. These guards are going to fit tighter and last longer than regular dental vacuum guards.

Pressure Laminated

The custom made mouthguards are the most satisfactory of all types of mouth protectors. They fulfill all the criteria for adaptation, retention, comfort, and stability of material. They interfere the least with speaking and studies have shown that the custom made mouthguard has virtually no effect on breathing. There are two categories of custom mouthguards, the Vacuum Mouthguard and the Pressure Laminated Mouthguard. Vacuum machines are adequate for single layer mouthguards. However, it is now being shown in the dental literature that multiple layer mouthguards (laboratory pressure laminated) may be preferred to the single layer vacuum mouthguards. It should be noted that these vacuum custom mouthguards are still superior to the store bought stock and boil and bite mouthguards because they have a much better fit, made from a mold of your mouth. A custom made multiple layered mouthguard, Laboratory Pressure Laminated Mouthguard can be modified for full contact sports by laminating two or three layers of EVA material to achieve the necessary thickness. Lamination in defined as the layering of mouthguard material to achieve a defined end result and thickness under a high heat and pressure environment. Efficient and complete lamination cannot be achieved under low heat and vacuum. The layers will not properly fuse together with the vacuum machine, but will chemically fuse under high heat and pressure with machines.

What You Should Know About Mouthguards

There are currently three types of mouthguards on the market today; Boil & Bite, Vacuum formed and Pressure Laminated (Smartguards). Boil & Bite are relatively inexpensive and convenient to buy, but they don't provide adequate protection. It is almost impossible to achieve a good fit and they tend to wear out much quicker than those that are custom made. Vacuum Formed custom mouthguards provide increased protection compared to Boil and Bite method. They allow the athlete to breath and speak easily but are less protective than Pressure Laminated.


Smartguard mouthguards represent leading-edge technology in custom protection. Each Smartguard mouthguard is produced by pressure-forming multiple layers, each shaped separately over a customized mold of the athlete's teeth. With controlled thickness offering protection in areas where it's needed most, Smartguards also offer superb durability with a tight, comfortable fit. What's more, with our pressure-laminated process, you can personalize your Smartguard with colour combinations, your team logo, an athlete's name - whatever it takes to make it yours!" This workshop will be held on Oct 22 at 10am to 12pm. Again....these are the best mouthpieces. Get the best protection, get your custom mouthpiece on this day at Kombat Arts.

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