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Why Do You Need a Kettle Bell Instructor?

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Why Do You Need a Kettle bell Instructor?

Kettle bells took a while to hit North America’s fitness universe, but since they did, they have become widely popular. These weights are not so common at large, commercial gym facilities, because of the necessity for specifically-trained kettle bell instructors. The exercises with kettle bells can be extremely effective when done properly, but extremely ineffective and even hazardous without a proper trainer. kettle bell instructor  
  1. Proper form
If you were a professional running back and wanted to become a pro rugby player, you would get a coach. You wouldn't think, “the ball is about the same, the game is about the same, I’ll just wing it.” Same thing applies with kettle bells. Yes, they are lifting weights, just like traditional free weights, however that is where the similarities end. The proper grips, stances, and movements differ greatly from free weights, and if you are already into fitness, you will know that proper form is incredibly important. Kettle bell instructors are trained on the different grips, exercises, twists and turns to give you the most effective workout.  
  1. Safety
safety isn’t the most sexy thing when it comes to workouts or results, but its one of the most important. Kettle bell trainers are trained on how to pick appropriate levels to start their clients, coaching proper form, and incorporating progression in a sensible manner. They are taught movement screening, to individually evaluate each person before performing an exercise, to maintain safety. Nothing’s worse than not being able to workout because of injury!  
  1. Results
Kettle bell training offers functional exercises, utilizes more muscle groups at a time than traditional free weights and more range of motion. This will not only cut down your workout time for your busy schedule, but also give you more results in more areas, faster. Having a certified kettle bell trainer is the only way to get a complete, effective workout every time with kettle bells.   Did you know that The Kombat Arts Training Academy has Coaches that are Certified Kettle bell Instructors? Check out this article for more information or ask at the Front Desk!   For a FREE 14 Day Trial , please fill out this form. Sign up for the Kombat Newsletter. There's a form on the right hand side of this page. Like, follow, and subscribe to all of Kombat's social media on  Facebook ,  Twitter,  YouTube, and Instagram.

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