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Mindset for Self Defense

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img_4030Mindset for Self Defense

What is the Mindset of Your Attacker?

It is very important to understand the mindset of your attacker in a self defense situation. I have seen too many people try to rationalize with their attacker, when the situation clearly called for either:
  1. Run away
  2. Attack first, if you can not possibly escape safely
No one picks a fight with someone or attacks someone unless they can defeat you. Think about it, why would someone pick a fight with you if they expect to lose? This should tell you a couple of things. If they are picking you as a target, it is because they believe that they will win and it is possibly because:
  1. They are bigger then you
  2. They believe that they are stronger then you because they do some biceps curl in the squat rack. Seriously
  3. Take some martial arts
  4. Watch the UFC.  Seriously
  5. They are carrying a weapon
  6. There is more then one attacker
  7. You appear to be injured
  8. You appear to be distracted
  9. You have a dependent, like a child or maybe your girlfriend with you
  10. They are not rational because they are emotionally disturbed, intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
These are just a few that come to mind.

What Should Be Your Mindset?

So what should be your mindset for self defense? Faced with this mindset from your attacker you should seriously consider:
  1.  Running away
  2. Attack first, if you can not possibly escape safely
The first option is hard for a lot of people, especially if you are the type to try out your martial arts. But it is the best choice. Most people want to stay and fight because of their EGO. But you have to train yourself to let this go. You should only defend yourself unless your life and your loved ones life are in immediate danger, and you can not escape safely. Now the second option is hard for a lot of people too, because of a lot of reasons. Here are some of them:
  1. They still believe that they can rationalize with irrational people
  2. Do not know that they are in trouble; lack of any street sense or can not read pre-attack indicators
  3. Religious beliefs
  4. Believe in only defending them self if they are attacked first.  The honorable martial artist route
  5. Afraid of the law, or ignorant of their rights
  6. Have certain ethical and moral restrictions
Developing the right mindset for self defense involves understanding the mindset of your attacker, and understanding your mindset, or the limiting factors in developing the mindset for self defense. Developing the mindset for self defense is more important then learning the techniques. Think about this: There are more people in the world who have defended them self against their attackers, who do not have a black belt in any martial art, but have the right mind set to defend them self If you are interested in martial arts training for self defense, then try out a FREE MONTH of training with KOMBAT ARTS.

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