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Three Reasons Martial Artists Should Use Kettlebell Training

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Three Reasons Martial Artists Should Use Kettlebell Training

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Mobility and Stability

The swinging motion of many kettlebell exercises and the multi-faceted, multi-movement exercises such as the “get up” engage multiple muscle groups as well as challenge the body’s stability and enhance mobility. Because of the wide range of motions involved in kettlebell exercises, as opposed to traditional weight lifting, your entire body’s mobility improves as a result of the movements. Because the mass of the kettlebell is a centralized ball, instead of two weights on each side of a handle, the stress of the weight and balance can be relieved from hand or wrist, and you can work on full-body stability and balance. Exercises like the “get up” challenge the body’s stability, improve balance, and can reveal areas where your body needs improvement that you never knew about. This can also prevent injury and muscle compensation.

Power Endurance

Power endurance is the ability for your muscles to perform at a high intensity, with strength & speed, for a duration of time. This is necessary for martial artists. Punching and kicking bags and targets requires power endurance. Sparring requires power endurance. Even practice technique alone in front of a mirror, like shadow boxing, you must perform with strength and speed over and over until you've improved your technique. Kettlebell training improves your power endurance. Each exercise requires more repetitions than traditional weight lifting, resulting in muscles that can endure much longer periods of intense workout.

Staying Lean

Most martial artists aren’t looking to body build or bulk up. And if you are training for a fight, you want to cut weight, not add it. Because kettle bell training will use less weight and more repetitions than traditional free weight training, the kettle bell exercises with get you lean and keep you lean. Kettle bell training uses more muscle groups at a time than traditional weight lifting, which will also burn more fat and increase metabolism. Your body will still get the intense strength training it needs, and you will improve performance and strengthen your strikes and holds, but without bulking. Kettlebell Kombat Arts Training Academy has several Certified Kettlebell Coaches who are more than willing to assist you in incorporating Kettlebells in your training program. Please reach out to them or the front desk staff to learn more.   For a FREE 14 Day Trial , please fill out this form. Sign up for the Kombat Newsletter. There's a form on the right hand side of this page. Like, follow, and subscribe to all of Kombat's social media on  Facebook ,  Twitter,  YouTube, and Instagram.    

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