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Foods and Supplement Support for Workouts and Training

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Written By Denise Desbarres - RHN, REHP Whether you are just starting out with a new fitness regime, maintaining moderate activity or doing heavy training, it is extremely important to increase nutrients that are being used during physical activity.  It is common for people to experience fatigue and a suppressed immune system when they increase their physical activity.  The body is using all the nutrients being consumed to repair the muscles, taking them away from the rest of the body, compromising the immune system. This is why it is so important to put back what's being used.  Consuming a diet rich in nutrient dense foods will not only help the repairing process and support your immune system but will also strengthen your physical performance.  When busy schedules prevent us from fitting in proper meals, supplementing with high-quality natural supplements can provide the body with extra support.  The following are a list of essential foods, supplements and foods based supplements that will support any workout regime and allow the body obtain optimal health and performance.


  • chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, beef (moderation), tempeh, tofu (moderation), beans, legumes, quinoa, whey protein, plant based protein
  • contain amino acids for muscle repair and cell regeneration
  • provide energy


  • high in antioxidants for energy, repair and preventing lactic acid build up
  • supports the immune system
  • high in vitamins and minerals for supporting all body functions
  • green leafy vegetables contain magnesium for relaxing muscles and repair
  • remove free radicals from the body due to stress and toxins

EFA'S (essential fatty acids)

  • nuts, seeds, flax oil, 369 oils, fish oil
  • lubricates joints, skin, and eyes
  • anti-inflammatory
  • supports memory and focus
  • support cardiovascular health


  • at least 8-10 8 oz glasses of water (increase when training)
  • coconut water
  • electrolytes (Ener-C, Sisu Ester C drinks)
  • alkaline water


  • increase physical ability and mental alertness
  • increase stamina
  • increase energy and qualify of workout and performance
  • choose good quality products ( sweetened with stevia or monk fruit not sucralose/aspartame/acesulfame K)
  • matcha green tea (high antioxidants, low caffeine, high levels of amino acid L'theanine that increase focus)
  • Enerex Greens- raw organic cold pressed juiced greens (high antioxidants, increases energy, stamina and regenerates cells (sweetened with monk fruit)
  • Genuine Health Greens + Energy (herbs, green vegetable powder, caffeine from Gotu cola, low caffeine, healthy energy
  • Vega Energy (hydrates, low caffeine, increases energy without stimulants)
  • PVL Power Up (for more intense workouts and training, vassal dilator, improves strength, stamina, and focus
  • BCAA (branch chained amino acids from protein, increase stamina and strength during workout) (can be taken after as well for repair)
  • coconut oil/MCT oil (body uses the oil for fuel, increases energy, supports brain function)
  • rhodiola (an herb, increases energy, mental focus, stress adaptogen)
  • maca (increase energy, stamina, libido, stress adaptogen, hormone balancing)

Post Workout/ Recovery

  • repair muscles and tissues
  • prevent muscle soreness
  • allow consistent/regular workouts/training regimes
  • prevent muscle fatigue
  • important to consume a recovery drink within 30 minutes after a workout to begin repair and prevent soreness
  • whey isolate ( 99% lactose-free, complete protein/essential amino acids, fast absorption)
  • plant based protein-Garden of Life Protein, Iron Vegan, Enerex Raw Phyto Protein (free from common food sensitivities, complete protein/essential amino acids, brown rice, pea protein, hemp, pumpkin etc)
  • Vega Recovery (anti-inflammatory, BCAA, hydrates, repairs muscles, fast absorption, take immediate after workout before protein)
  • Vega Sport Protein (BCAA, L'Glutamine, complete protein, repair, anti-inflammatory)
  • PVL Reload (BCAA, hydrates, repairs, prevents soreness, fast recovery)

Stress Support

  • workouts over 45 minutes, the body begins to produce cortisol (the stress hormone)
  • adrenal support ( herbs and nutrients that lower stress response, decrease cortisol levels)
  • Restorative Cortisol Manager (helps lower stress response, prevents cortisol production)
  • Vitamin B-complex ( energy, stress support)
  • L'theanine- amino acid from green tea. Calming but allows focus.
  • limit caffeine intake
  • limit sugar/carbohydrate intake
  • increase grass fed meat
  • increase green leafy vegetables (increase energy, antioxidants, alkaline, improve health)
  • increase EFA (essential fatty acids, fish oils, hemp oil, flax oils, 369 oils, anti-inflammatory, improves mood, mental clarity)

Multi Vitamin Mineral Support

  • provides nutritional foundation for optimal health
  • Platinum Active X Men's/Woman's (complete multi-vitamin/mineral, fish oils, complete B-complex, liver support, immune support, stress support, highly absorbable, 2 capsules daily with food)
  • Enerex SONA Multi ( highly absorbable vitamin with chelated mineral, digestive enzymes in a raw food base, 2-3 soft tablets with food)
  • magnesium citrate, bisglycinate - calming, natural muscle relaxer, increases repair, regulates cortisol

Anti-inflammatories/Muscle/Joint Pain

  • proteolytic enzymes-Enerex Serrapeptase digests inflammation, decreasing pain, swelling, breaks down scar tissue, prevents lactic acid build up, repair and healing- empty stomach 30 minutes before food or 2 hours after food
  • herbs-Boswellia, Devils claw, turmeric, ginger (relieve pain, allow healing and repair)
  • Enerex Pain X (Hops, Devils claw, serrapeptase, boswellia)-relieves pain and inflammation
  • magnesium (muscle relaxant, repair)
It is always recommended that one consults a health care practitioner before supplementing, especially if they taking prescription medications, to prevent any contraindications.

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