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New Drillers are Killers Ebook!

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New Drillers are Killers Ebook!

joey-ebook-final-jpgThe New Drillers are Killers eBook is finally ready!  Sorry it took so long, but what started off as a simple 30 page book for the students, ended up to be 50 pages with supporting videos!

What is It?!

My students would come in to train by themselves or with a friend, and they would need some direction on how to train.  I would observe them running around the gym, wasting time on what they should work on.  It was really hard for me to find the extra time to spend with all of my students and give them drills to work on. My personal quest is to help as many people as possible, and until cloning becomes legal, this eBook will have to suffice. It is a scrapbook of drills that was meant for our students at the Kombat Arts with all sorts of drills from Boxing, Muay Thai and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.  There are also a lot of conditioning drills that you will thoroughly enjoy.  All of these drills have been used in our academy. So for example, here is a combo from the Jab Cross series from Jeet Kune Do: [sd_video id="RPc7V4wLMpk" type="youtube"] And here is an example of a Muay Thai combination, a count that we teach, that is also combined with other counts to work endurance, distance, flow and learning to attack with combinations: [sd_video id="-8yxAbRxTEA" type="youtube"] It also contains some of the killer drills that we use as workouts or "finishers" in our classes. Like the famous "California Drill," "Minnesota Shuffle," "Push Ups from Hell," and the "Swings and Sprints." Keep in mind that this is not an instructional book; you should know your basics, and have access to a qualified instructor. We will also be throwing in some bonus instructional video footage on how to safely and progressively spar with your team mates. So if you have that desire to get better, and you want to get that extra edge then you need to check out this book.  YOU CAN GET INSTANT ACCESS TODAY!

How Can You Get a Copy?

You can buy a copy below.   A link will be sent to you, where you can download the ebook.  If you have any questions, please contact me at krujoey@kombatarts.com Buy Now

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