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12 Self Defence Tips

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12 Self Defence Tips

Here are a few self defence tips that we have put together for our Women's Self Defence workshops.  However we feel that most if not all can apply to EVERYONE. It takes awhile to make adopt these self defence tips, and even longer to make them natural.  Try to incorporate these self defence tips into your daily routines. Please make sure that you get proper training and that you understand how the local law applies to self defence.  

Listen To Your Gut Instinct

Out of all the self defence tips, this is probably one of the most important ones.  If something doesn't feel right, then do not waste time trying to rationalize it.  Sometimes your “gut instinct” is acting like your “Spiderman sense.” It is a combination of your other senses telling you that something does not feel right.

Use Common Sense

The purpose of martial arts or self defense training is to be aware of a possible conflict and avoid it; not necessarily an opportunity to test your skills.  Make good choices. For example, is it really worth it to take a shortcut through a dark alley, especially in a bad area?


There are a few examples where victims have been able to successfully stop an attack, because they were in enough shape to run away from their attacker.  It’s not necessary to be a marathon runner or powerlifter, but being in shape can increase your odds of surviving an attack.

Learn to Let Go

If an attacker wants your wallet, phone, watch etc., then let them have it.  It’s not worth it to exchange your life for that item.

Be Aware of the Exits

When you walk into any place, your first step is to be aware of the exits.  If something goes wrong, how would you escape?

Vision, Wind and Limbs

This is a concept I learned from Modern Warrior.  One of the best self defence programs out there.  If escape is not an option, and you have to defend yourself, then attack these target areas. What targets would you attack to affect their vision, their wind and their limbs?  What would you use to target these areas?

Call For Help

Even though this is not a guarantee that someone will actually help you, most attackers want their identity and activities hidden.  Calling attention to the situation or the attacker might persuade them to disengage.

Remember the Goal

The goal is to escape safely.  Your goal is not to stay there and make it into a boxing match.  Run away the minute an opportunity presents itself.

Look For the Interview

In social environments, be aware of people who you do not know, interviewing you.  Asking you questions to determine if you are alone. How did you get here? Is anyone picking you up after the party?  It could be friendly conversation, or an opportunity to see if you are a suitable target.

Watch Your Drinks

In any social setting where you do not know everyone, watch your drink.  Do not leave your drink unattended. Do not let strangers buy you a drink.

Develop Situational Awareness

Be aware of what is going on around you.  Stay off your phone. What is your awareness level around areas that are familiar to you?  Are you too relaxed near your car, outside of your home or work? Attackers know that your situational awareness levels are low around these areas and might use this as an opportunity to attack you.

Develop a “Warrior Mindset”

Before ever having to use your martial arts or self defense skills, cultivate a warrior mindset everyday.  What are you fighting for? What is important to you? Who are you fighting for? There are a lot of people who have have successfully defended themselves, and they do not have a Black Belt in a martial art.  Having a Warrior Mindset can be the deciding factor. KOMBAT ARTS holds FREE Women's Self Defence workshops for its Mississauga community.  If you are interested in learning when the next one will be held, or would like us to host one for your company, please email us at info@kombatarts.com Also if you want to take your training beyond a self defence workshop, then consider taking Martial Arts.  We offer a FREE 10 DAY TRIAL.  For more information, go here to register:  FREE 10 DAY TRIAL.

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