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Parkinson’s Disease and Boxing

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What is Parkinson’s Disease exactly?

Parkinson's Disease (PD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder affecting the nervous system and other tissues within the body This illness occurs when nerve cells in the brain that control movement either become impaired or die. These neurons produce a chemical called dopamine, which is very important for brain health. Another important chemical norepinephrine that controls automatic functions is lost when nerve endings in the brain die. Although exercise will not reverse symptoms of PD , it may slow the disease progression in the early stages. Exercise can help people with PD by improving functional mobility delaying the need for daily living assistance.

So why boxing for Parkinson's Disease?

Boxing is a phenomenal full body workout that not only strengthens you physically, but also mentally. Which is exactly what a person dealing with Parkinson’s needs to fight off the effects of Parkinson's. The positives of training boxing to combat Parkinson’s Disease Here are 8 benefits of training boxing to help treat Parkinson’s

Increase In Strength

To battle any disease, you have to keep your strength up. Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease, so you must keep up your strength. By training boxing a few days a week, you will be getting a full body workout and be noticeably stronger.

Better Cardio

Parkinson’s zaps your energy, so you need to always be doing cardio. Boxing offers some of the best cardio you can get in a workout. By doing footwork, jump rope, and bag work, you’ll keep your blood pumping to your brain and keep those neurons firing.

Improved Posture

Parkinson’s noticeably affects your posture and makes you slouch leading to back pain. In boxing when you learn to keep a stance it improves your posture keeping you upright. Exactly what you need to fight off the effects of Parkinson’s.

Improve Your Cognitive Abilities

Boxing is not only a physical, but also mental. You’re constantly thinking about your feet placement, where your guards are and what combo to throw next. It keeps your mind sharp and to fight Parkinson’s you must always be giving your brain workouts.

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

One of the symptoms of Parkinson’s is gradually losing your hand eye coordination. Practicing boxing movements like footwork and working the speed bag will keep your hand-eye coordination sharp. Maybe even better than before.

Strengthen Your Core

If you have a weak core, the effects of Parkinson’s may come on faster. This is why you have to add solid core training to your workout regimen and boxing is perfect for this. Every movement in boxing from punching, head movement, and keeping a stance relies on your core to be activated.

Improve Balance

In advanced stages of Parkinson’s you will require assistance with doing basic things like walking and balancing. Training boxing strengthens your balance, so that you won’t need help walking or keeping your balance.

Improve Reaction Time

Due to the effects of Parkinson’s, your reaction time gradually decreases. So you will need to always work on your reaction time. Blocking and slipping/ducking punches are perfect reaction time movements to keep your cat like reflexes.

Let us help improve your life

We strongly consider that you share this post with someone you know that’s been diagnosed with the disease. It would be our pleasure to help them fight off this disease and continue living a happy life without struggle. Now that you know the benefits of boxing training to fight off the effects of Parkinson’s it’s time to go train. For us at Kombat Arts Training Academy it would be our privilege to help improve your life by training with us. We have phenomenal instructors that are here to help improve your life. Once you walk through our doors, you will be part of the team that are like a family. Contact us today to book your consultation and to start your free trial  and let us help you improve your life. Limited space available. Email: Kombat.cris@gmail.com Call: 9058048158

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