Brampton Athlete Wins Muay Thai Bout

Paolo Dultra.  The Victor! Congrats to Paolo Dultra for winning his Thai boxing match this past Saturday.  Paolo rematched Brian Delgado from UMAC and won this match via unanimous decision.  Great work Paolo!  Also credit should go to Sly, Dave and Ivano who came to help work the corner and other cool stuff 😀  Some of us even helped out the other clubs by working their corner!  The bout was held in St. Catherines by RogerLumyoung and his Muay Thai Niagara crew.  Great show guys!

The next day the Canadian National Thai Boxing Team got together at Kombat Arts for their second training camp.  These guys are the 1st batch to be sent internationally by CASK to Austria!  Kombat Arts will be sending Paolo Dultra, Max Grech, Sylwester Organka, Nenad Cvejic and Joel Holland.  There was a lot of talent from other schools represented and we should be sending a strong team to Austria-Jd