Brampton MMA Athlete Brings the Championship Belt Home!

Well we made the long track to Michigan with 2 of our athletes, Diego Anesetti and John Roche to the Ground and Pound Productions.  Diego unfortunately lost his MMA match, but I believe that Diego will be a better athlete from that lost.  He has definetly improved his technical ability and his conditioning; we look forward to him competing in the near future 🙂  John Roche found a really good opponent in Nate Cooper.  As short as the fight was, there was a lot of technical ability shown, and a great display of counters.

If my memory serves me correct John scored a great takedown, and Nate did a great job of rolling John over into a side headlock position against the cage.  John did a great job of cage climbing and both athletes found themsleves on all fours.  John attempted another takedown and Nate did a “sprawl from Hell” on John.  Again both athletes scrambled to their feet.  Here my memory fails me.  Somehow John ended on his back and Nate took crossbody.  John did an amazing job putting Nate back in the guard and clamping him down, with both of Nate’s arms secured.  As Nate attempted to posture up and pull his right arm out to punch, he left his left hand posted on John’s chest…allowing John the opportunity to secure the rolling arm bar, winning the 155 lb MMA Championship Belt!

Half the team drove home that night, and I was so glad to climb into my bed at 630ish in the morning.  Luu, one of my cats, helped tuck me into bed :D.  Thanks to all of the pad holders, trainers and sparring partners that helped these guys! Win, lose or draw I am extremely proud of my athletes.  Special thanks to David Edwards and Jeffrey Hsiung; my fellow cornermen, driver and “bodyguards”. Jd