Today I did nothing!!!  Well that’s not entirely true.  Woke up to NO RAIN.  That meant I could stop production on the ARK and go for a light jog.  Mehdi did not need me as he was working with the boxing coach. I was a little sore so I had to drop some BioFreeze on my body.  I know Carolyn from UST would be disappointed that I’m using a topical pain reliever, but trust me she would peak if I used Bulleit Bourbon with my daily Aspirin for medicinal purposes.  Which to be honest, I was very tempted to do this.

Afterwards I did some work with the Kombat Arts via Skype.  It’s cool how I can still keep an “eye” on things at the club with this useful tool.  After all of my paperwork it was time to visit the various lounges, cafes and restaurants with Josip.  I also did some research on various Yoga places.  Thinking of taking a few private lessons to stretch me out. I finished the evening at the Cactus Club.

It was nice of Ivano to give me call during dinner and to also talk to my athletes Lee and Jacques as they mellow out before they go to war tomorrow.  Again, good luck my friends.  Remember:  Be first and be last.  We never take without giving-Jd

P.S. Take a look at the pik of the back of the truck.  What’s the “suicide” for?  Explain that to me-Jd