Christmas Gifts for the Martial Artist

If you are cramming to get a gift for your favorite martial artist (you’re pretty much down to the last week) and you have no idea what to get him or her, take a look at this short list for some ideas:

The Gym Boss

This is my favorite versatile tool for training. I have used it for both martial arts interval training and for CrossFit type, interval training and even stretching. Take a look at the picture at the end of this post to see how you can use this great timing tool.


The OrangaHang

In order for me to get in shape for my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons, I spent a lot of time with this awesome training tool to increase my grips. Whether it is Judo or BJJ, it’s all about the GRIPS!. And this training has helped me A LOT. In fact, I think the only thing that saves me are my grips. Check out this training vid:

Trigger Point Foam Roller

This is the BEST WAY to start a workout, and to finish up a workout. I call this the “Poor Man’s Massager”. Even our athletes have added this to their training protocol. The only was you can survive your intense workouts is to break up all that scar tissue. Learn more from this video:

The Complete Guide to Interval Training

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