Filipino Martial Arts Classes | Kombat Arts Mississauga


The Filipino Martial Arts has been taught by Kombat Arts Mississauga for over 20 years.

It is known under many different names: Kail, Arnis and Escrima.

The Filipino Martial Arts are recognized as the premier martial arts system when it comes to weapons and empty hand combat dealing with weapons.

In our program you will learn mainly how to use impact weapons (sticks and staffs), edged weapons (knives and swords) and empty hand skills.

The Filipino Martial Arts is a weapon art that can be practiced nice and easy, or at a fast paced level.

While not as high calorie burning as the aforementioned arts, this weapon art will benefit you by increasing your eye-hand coordination, dexterity, coordinate your upper body movements with lower body movements and definitely challenge your brain’s problem solving ability.

However there will be some Filipino Martial Arts classes that will emphasize athletic training.

The Filipino Martial Arts is great for teaching how to use weapons and from that knowledge, how to defend against them.

Even though you might not carry a weapon per se, it can teach you how to use an everyday object as an improvised weapon, if the situation needed that kind of reaction. 

For example, a flashlight or a pen could be used as an improvised weapon.

The Filipino Martial Arts is known for its use of foul techniques, and this art does have striking and grappling techniques, but not often trained as athletically as Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Our Filipino Martial Arts students do not compete per se, but they do get an opportunity to test their skills.

During the year KOMBAT ARTS is usually the host for a charitable event, called Beat the Crap Out of Cancer.

In this event, other weapon practicing schools come together, don protective gear and using unpadded sticks, have a full contact stick fighting match!  Rules of engagement are usually agreed upon between the two “combatants.”

This is a great forum to test out your weapon skills, and is also an amazing charitable event.  There are other events like this held by other schools throughout the year.

Our students love this program because:

  • You can train this art nice and easy or you can make it very intense to get a great workout. It will train many physical attributes, but for sure your eye-hand co-ordination, speed and dexterity will increase.
  • You learn how to defend yourself, with or without a weapon against an armed assailant. This is especially good for self defense, or for those seeking a career in the military, law enforcement or security industry.
  • Besides being a great workout, you will also be introduced to the rich Filipino culture.