Filipino Martial Arts


The Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) has been known under many different names: Kail, Arnis and Escrima. The FMA are recognized as the premier martial arts system when it comes to weapons and empty hand combat dealing with weapons.

In our program you will learn mainly how to use impact weapons (sticks and staffs), edged weapons (knives and swords) and empty hand skills.

Our students love this program because:

  • You can train this art nice and easy or you can make it very intense to get a great workout. It will train many physical attributes, but for sure your eye-hand co-ordination, speed and dexterity will increase.
  • You learn how to defend yourself, with or without a weapon against an armed assailant. This is especially good for self defense, or for those seeking a career in the military, law enforcement or security industry.
  • Besides being a great workout, you will also be introduced to the rich Filipino culture.