Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do


Jun Fan is the name given to the fighting methods and techniques adopted, adapted and developed by the late Bruce Lee. Through his personal experience, Bruce Lee found that many arts and styles had impressive techniques to offer but no one art was able to cover all areas of defense.

This non-traditional, philosophical approach to combat is known as Jeet kune Do (JKD). Over the years our particular style of JKD has evolved to encompass components from MMA, Kali (the Filipino martial arts), Muay Thai, Savate, Boxing and Jun Fan Gung Fu.

This is a popular class with students because:

  • It is the art of Bruce Lee, one of the early pioneers in Mixed Martial Arts.
  • It introduces the student to many different forms of martial arts.
  • JKD is a very effective form of self defense.
  • It has a very unique philosophical approach to combat: study various martial arts, see what works for you…discard what does not. This is the path to individualism in the martial arts.
  • We have a special place for JKD here at our academy, because in the early years of Kombat's history, we only offered 3 martial arts programs, and JKD was one of them.