Krabi Krabong


Krabi Krabong is a weapon based martial art from Thailand. Known for its aggression and straight forward delivery of attacks, it is best known as the precursor to Muay Thai. If the Filipino Martial Arts can be described as a guerrilla and duelling style of warfare, then Krabi Krabong is a style meant for the open battlefield. Many of the concepts and techniques learned in Krabi Krabong are interchangeable with those learned in Muay Thai, making the transition between the two arts: easy, simple, and effective.

The term "Krabi" refers to the sword, while "Krabong" refers to the staff. These are the most common weapons associated with Krabi Krabong. Additional weapons include the use of twin swords (Daab Song Mue) that are wielded as a pair, forearm guards (Mae Sun Sawk), as well as a variety of spears. As the student progresses, he/she will gradually learn the usage, techniques, and dances associated with each weapon.

While the pace of the class is considerably different from other weapons oriented classes, this is primarily due to the aggressive nature of the fighting style. Our classes strive to follow a middle path between learning the cultural traditions (i.e. Wai Kru/Four directions) and the realities of combat on the battlefield. This, however, does not mean that these classes are not meant for beginners. All beginners are welcome and encouraged to participate, regardless of the level of skill.

  • You can train this art nice and easy or you can make it very intense to get a great workout. It will train many physical attributes, but for sure your eye-hand co-ordination, speed and dexterity will increase.
  • You learn how to defend yourself, with or without a weapon against an armed assailant. This is especially good for self defense, or for those seeking a career in the military, law enforcement or security industry.
  • Besides being a great workout, you will also be introduced to the rich Thai culture.